The set builders at FoxSports are being applauded this week for their work in crafting a fully functioning guillotine.

With head coach redundancy drums already beating loudly at multiple NRL clubs including the Dragons, Knights and the Titans, The Advocate understands a team of carpenters, engineers and set designers at FoxSports were told that during the off-season, it was their job to build a French Revolution era guillotine, complete with gold detailing.

A show that’s hosted by a team of “journos” who are famed for publicly undermining coaches, falsifying rumours and generally shit talking any coach that isn’t their close mate, it understood the team at NRL 360 are pretty keen to give it a go and are already stirring up debate about the coaching credentials of several teams less than one week into the season.

Given that most bookies are betting that at least three head coaches will have their careers cut short this year, The Advocate understands FoxSports was more than happy to invest significantly in the contraption, given it’ll be used live on-air throughout the season.

“It’s amazing what they’ve built, their attention to detail is incredible,” said Lucus Roach, a producer on the NRL 360 show.

“I’m told they’ve made an exact replica of the one that knocked Marie Antoinette off at Place de la Concorde in 1793, it’s also the same one that did King Louis XVI in!”

Asked if anyone in the NRL 360 panel had put their hand up to act as the final judge and executioner, producers say Buzz, Kenty and Paul Crawley were all eager to step up to the plate.

“The costume designers have created these spooky Slipknot inspired leather masks for the guys to wear for when they’re ready to finally pull the trigger on some coach’s career.”

“But I’ve promised them all one turn each, getting rid of a club’s coach is a group effort you know!”

More to come.


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