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A local woman has today assured herself that the reason the bloke she’s keen on doesn’t return her affections must be entirely based on his ‘avoidant attachment’ issues, and not because he’s simply just not interested in her.

Nadine McGill [26] is alleged to have come to this conclusion after scrolling through a few Tik Tok videos about attachment theory, which specified the differences between secure, avoidant and anxious (the latter of which she has identified with). 

After watching video after video detailing how avoidants struggle to maintain relationships and tend to ‘pull back’, when feeling vulnerable, Nadine is now very certain that James hasn’t asked her out purely because he’s afraid of getting hurt again.

“He just obviously feels very strongly about me”, Nadine explained to The Advocate, “and I think that just makes him feel really scared.”

“I’m pretty sure he had a bad breakup in 2019, so I’d say that heavily factors into it. Plus, he’s never really mentioned his mum before? Just his dad?”

“So I’m thinking he might have issues relying on a female figure, and that’s resulted in him having skewed relationships with women.”

Our reporter asks if James has ever said anything to suggest he may want a relationship with Nadine.

“Um, well not with words,” she says, letting out a small laugh, “we slept together once, and message every now and then.”

“BUT he gave me a kiss on the forehead so I think that means-”

Nadine is unable to finish her sentence as our reporter interrupts her with a ‘babe no’, and dutifully whacks her on the head with a rolled up newspaper.


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