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A Betoota Ponds man has this week been left wondering whether he’s a genius or a downright deplorable asshole after resorting to artificial intelligence to write his wedding vows.

Tom Garner [32] tells The Advocate that he’d been struggling to put into words just how much he loves his fiance Julie, stating that he ‘just wasn’t good with voicing his emotions’ and that a machine would be much better at doing so. Revealing he’d spent a solid fifteen minutes typing random words into a word document and browsing examples on the web, Tom says he didn’t want to rock up with some ‘cliche copy and paste shit’, but that he also didn’t have the communication skills to come up with anything that was worthy of his fiancee.

Well, that’s what he says anyway.

Turning to Chat GPT, Tom was immediately presented with the most beautiful, heart wrenching passage of text he’d ever read in his life, knowing immediately he’d stumbled upon an absolute gem.

“A part of me feels horrendously guilty”, admits Tom, “there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

“Even my father in law, who too to be honest hasn’t been that fond of me, came up to me afterwards to say that he’s glad his daughter has found a good man.”

“I hope to god no one finds out.”

More to come.


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