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A woman who long thought her days of whimsy were far behind her has found herself being pulled back into romanticising things she shouldn’t, after deep diving into Lana Del Rey’s new album, ‘Do You Know There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard.”

As someone who was on Tumblr during the height of the ‘romanticising self destruction’ trend, Marlowe Stanwick [31] had been very well acquainted with the likes of Lana, Marina, Skins, Looking for Alaska, and Felice Fawn – all of which made looking like a beautiful, chain smoking disaster very appealing. 

And though she’s since developed far healthier habits and has the wisdom to know that there’s no way she could pull off the smudged mascara look without looking like her gunky-eyed Shih Tzu, Marlowe yet again finds herself falling under Lana’s dark spell just seconds into listening to her crooning vocals, and fighting back the urge to snort a line.

Allowing herself a touch of masochistic behaviour as small treat, Marlowe decides to compromise by picking up a packet of cigarettes and rewatching Normal People instead.

More to come.


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