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Nearly a third of Australia and New Zealand has had their data stolen from Latitude Financial Services servers by malicious hackers and the the company’s executive is nowhere to be found.

They’re nowhere to be found because the lender’s executive are employing a series of tactics that these types of people learn when they get to the top of the business heap.

It’s a mantra first taught in elite private schools and sandstone universities.

Deny, deny, deny. Deny until you die. However, that only comes after a period of radio silence. In terms of radio chatter, they’re quieter than a squadron of Lancasters over Dresden.

A representative from Latitude confirmed this is the tactic being used during a mid-morning chat with The Advocate on the 9th fairway of Royal Betoota Country Club today.

“It’s a little known fact that 9 in 10 problems can be solved by doing nothing at all,” they said.

“If you acknowledge any wrongdoing, it opens you up to being accountable for your actions. There is nothing more damaging to a corporate career than being held accountable for your actions. Look at the previous data leaks. I bet you can’t even remember which health fund it was. Or what internet service provider had the same thing happen. Do you remember their CEO? Who was held accountable for the Optus data leak?”

“Nobody. This is a non-event. Corporately speaking. So people can sook and jump up and down all they want. Tomorrow, there will be another story to be angry about on the front pages. Mark my words.”

More to come.


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