The spirit of gossip lives strong as local shit talker Marcus McHugh (35) reckons an obscure celebrity he met once is an absolute fuckwit.

As a plumber in a wealthy suburb where no one knows anything about plumbing, McHugh has a licence to print money, although he really does prefer charging people for his work efforts instead.

Throughout his career, McHugh has met many prominent members of the Betoota Grove community including former DJ/TV host Robert Desleigh (44) aka Bobby Indeed, who he once fixed a smelly drain for by running the shower for ten minutes and charging him $2K.

“Old Indeedy, he’s got a big swimming pool in the shape of the Aria award he was nominated for once,” stated McHugh, unprofessionally spilling secrets about a client’s home like every tradie ever always does.

“I tell ya, he crawled so Waleed Aly could run. He interviewed Kanye back when you could get a coherent sentence out of the guy.”

“It’s just a shame that he’s a complete fuckwit.”

Despite only spending about five minutes of actual facetime with the formerly familiar face, McHugh did not get a good impression of the bloke who was probably in a filthy mood because he had to call a plumber to his house.

“Yeah he was pretty devo because a pipe had burst into a storage room and flooded all the old DVDs of when he hosted Sunday Good Deeds with Bobby Indeed. Unfortunately for him hardly any of it is online because 99% of it is not worth watching or remembering.”

“And let me tell you, he went on like such a cunt when I said that to his face. Just another whinging celeb, I don’t get why everyone including myself venerates these people.”


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