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A local mum has given up her fight of ever having a clean car or ever going a single day without finding at least one McDonald’s chip in the backseat.

Having recently upgraded the last of brood from the car seat, Riley Munroe now had to contend with three highly energetic children, who all were incredibly gifted at finding crevices in the car to hide food in – which Riley would think is accidental, if she hadn’t kept finding chips wedged in the air conditioner vent.

Though she initially tried to be one of those mums who made neat packed lunches and ran a tidy ship, the exhaustion of raising three kids under the age of seven has taken its toll. She has finally stopped giving a fuck.

This fuck it attitude has also resulted in her relenting at least once a week to buy Macca’s for the kids, which they’ve learned they can get if they tag team nag for an entire car ride.

Smelling a waft of chips every time she turned on the air conditioner, Riley knew resisting the chaos was futile and that at least she’d never have to worry about the chips rotting and smelling, given the amount of preservatives they were packed with.

More to come.


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