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Two blokes got into a bit of a blue after their little red car broke down on the Diamantina Development Road today after the silly old prick in the scarf told the bloke who owns the fucking thing that he reckoned it was the starter than caused the car to stop working as they cruised down the road.

The silly old prick in the scarf is called Francis and Francis works in an office with his brain, using a computer to rip people off in various ways.

His son-in-law, Greg, was nice enough to take the old gibberer out for a burn in his Jaguar but because it’s a piece of shit car, it broke down for no fucking reason and left the both of them stranded.

“Oh man,” said Greg.

Greg spoke to The Advocate at the Lord Kidman Hotel this afternoon while he had some solo phone beers to cool down.

“It’s obviously something electrical or something to do with the fuel. The car just conked out when I took my foot off at the crest of a hill. So we coast down the hill and I try to start the thing and it won’t go so I open the bonnet,”

“And you know what this fucken guy said to me? He told me it was the fucken starter motor! Mate, this bloke wouldn’t know the battery from the back seat. He’s telling me what’s wrong with my fucken car. He’s a fucken barrister!”

More to come.


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