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You shouldn’t need extra motivation to go to your local dawn service, but a local mum found some anyway. 

Amanda Brinkworth, a 39 year old mother of 3 boys told her best friend Jane on Friday that she’s looking forward to the Dawn service for a very specific reason.

 “I’ll be waking up the boys early to get them out to the service just so I can stand in silence for 60 seconds,” Amanda admitted. 

“If they stay silent throughout the Last Post it might be the longest I’ve ever gone without hearing one of their voices.” 

Following up with Amanda after today’s service she seemed to be floating on air, “They just stood there silently, you’d think my proudest moment as a mum would be sporting or academic achievements etcetera. But having them stand quietly for 60 seconds was the peak!” Gushed Amanda. 

We noticed on our way out from talking to Amanda that she was piling Anzac biscuits into the kids, as the chewy consistency bought her some extra quiet time. 

More to come.


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