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A local woman who refuses to believe in generational stereotypes has today outed herself as a daggy millennial, after a end of month presentation today in the office saw her revealing her age.

Winona Coogan, 31, is reported to have started a job ‘Scarlet Letter’ PR agency roughly one month ago, having decided a year ago that she wanted to start a new career by making the switch from marketing to PR – which means Winona has gone from managing a small team to becoming an entry level employee again.

Despite facing the indignity of reporting to someone much younger than her, Winona has so far enjoyed her journey to becoming Samantha Jones, and has revelled in the opportunity to work for a close knit company instead of feeling like another cog in the wheel.

But as Winona will find, there are still some generational differences she simply can’t avoid: a millennial love for Powerpoint transitions. 

A red faced Winona tells us more.

“I’m trying so hard to not be daggy”, she admits, “not once have I ever referred to the office dog as a ‘doggo.’”

“But the Powerpoint presentation got me.”

She shows our reporter her presentation, which includes a different type of transition for each slide.

“I was cringing in my seat”, says Winona, her head in her hands, “everyone else’s was super minimalistic.”

“And then when it got to mine, people were trying so hard to be nice.”

“But I lost the room at the cartwheel transition.”

More to come.


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