THIS GUY: Local married woman Karen Thompson has once again proven that no life event is too insignificant for her to post some photos from her wedding day. From birthdays to christenings and literally everything in-between, no milestone is too mundane to not post a weekly #ThrowbackThursday wedding flashback on her social media.

Thompson’s dedication to commemorating every minor achievement with a professionally shot wedding has left many turning to the mute button. Friends and family are reportedly fed up with her desperate ability to turn even the most mundane moments into a stroll down matrimonial memory lane.

“Happy Monday” She told her Instagram followers, complimented by a couple of professional wedding shots of her and her new husband.

“Can’t wait to spend every Monday with you for the rest of our lives” she continued.

If it’s not a “Two weeks married to this guy” featuring a black and white kissing shot, then it’s a “Happy International Woman’s day to my girls!” thats paired perfectly with a pre-ceremony shot of herself with her bridesmaids getting ready.

“It’s never ending” one of her followers anonymously tipped to Betoota. “It’s truly inspiring how she can turn a death in the family into a heartfelt reflection on marital bliss,” they continued.

Critics argue that Thompson’s relentless pursuit of nostalgia may be a sign of a deeper issue… Could the marriage potentially be on the rocks? One may think. Why else would she cling at any excuse to showcase their unconditional love for one another?

One things for certain, it’s clear that no occasion is safe from her relentless onslaught of a wedding day reminiscence.

More to come.


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