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When you’ve got the most common eye colour in the world, sometimes you’ve got to be a little bit creative with the description.

As someone who grew up reading novels about a ‘glacier gaze, brimming with secrets’ or ‘captivating emerald eyes’, local woman Tammy Reynolds had failed to come up with anything interesting about the colour brown. 

This eye colour envy has had Tammy resorting to insisting that her eyes are every colour except the one she was born with, desperately trying to cling onto the hopes that she was at least in the hazel category.

“They’re actually green if you see them in the light”, says Tammy, widening her eyes so our reporter can see, “like they only look brown because there’s a brown ring around the pupil.”

“The rest is green, but if you look super closely, there’s also some golden flecks.”

“I also have this random black dot? I think it could be a freckle.”

Adding that they turn ‘super green’ when she cries, Tammy also reckons they’ve changed a lot since she was a child.

“Yeah, they used to be so dark, almost black.”

“But definitely green now, like a bluey, browny green.”

“I’ve also got a black ring around the iris which is SUPER rare.”

More to come.


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