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When handed indisputable evidence of their indiscretions, rational people know that admitting the truth and showing remorse is the best solution. But for local bloke Josh Reed, it appears he prefers the less diplomatic option of doubling down.

It’s alleged the Betoota Heights local had incurred the wrath of his girlfriend, Ayla, who accused him of using her expensive purple shampoo earlier this week. Though this wouldn’t ordinarily be that bad, given they were used to sharing toiletries, Ayla had purchased the bottle a month ago and was already down to half – despite only washing her hair once every three days.

Suspecting her boyfriend had stopped using his bargain bin shampoo in favour of hers, Ayla had been unable to extract a confession no matter how many times she confronted him about it.

Had the shampoo not had the telltale scent of chamomile, Josh might have been able to gaslight her into believing something else was at fault. That, and his changing hair colour, which looked noticeably less brassy than it did a month ago.

“I KNOW you’ve been using my shampoo Josh, why won’t you just admit it?”

“Do you want me to buy you a better shampoo?”


Though Ayla heavily considered popping a dollop of hair removal cream into the bottle to teach him a lesson, it’s later revealed she did the mature adult thing and hid it in her bottom drawer instead.

More to come.


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