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Jess Gibbs has found herself having quite a bit in common with the great barrier reef this morning, after realising that she too, turns to bleaching as a coping mechanism.

It’s alleged the 25 year old Marketing Coordinator was left feeling overwhelmed after receiving yet another monumental assignment o be completed before everyone knocked off for silly season. This is of course in addition to the other four ‘urgent’ assignments that have been offhanded to her, which has left her wondering what on earth the Marketing Manager does every day. Because as Jess is now learning, the higher up you get, the less work you have to do (for triple the pay).

Hopefully that can one day be Jess. But for now, she’s a slave to whatever stupid ideas her incompetent director comes up with, who probably wouldn’t be such a ‘visionary’ if he was ever forced to execute anything.

At least she isn’t fitting into the stereotype and dying her hair because of a boy. Or dying it red, which she’d learnt the hard way would take roughly two years to get rid of. 

Coincidentally, Jess had been in the middle of a manic episode when she’d picked up Manic Panic on that fateful day, four years ago.

Perhaps that’s where the name comes from, as dying your hair bright red is usually not the result of long, hard thinking.

Settling on a box of extra light blonde (maybe she could do her eyebrows too!), Jess figures dying her hair can help her pretend she has some sort of control over her life.

More to come.


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