A Flight Path District and child-free woman has been rocked to her fashion core today after bumping into an old high school friend and her toddler outside the local cafe ‘Espresso Yourself’.

What started as a regular work-from-home Thursday of deciding if what she wore to bed was decent enough to wear on a coffee run before firing up the old Slack, has quickly devolved into a nightmare of insecurity, humility and let’s face it, unjustified hostility. 

On this random Tuesday morning, the Toddler in question (a 3 year old named Isla) was dressed in a style that the local woman would usually reserve for herself for a night out on the town. 

“What the hell is going on, honestly?? Every baby looks like a frickin influencer these days. It’s not right. I just want to be able to look like death, get a coffee, and NOT question everything about myself and my life choices because of a cool baby before 9am”.

“I tried talking to her too. I was like ‘oh hey Isla how’s your morning’ and stuff. She didn’t really give me much. It was kinda awkward”.

“I also don’t know how to talk to babies”.

More to come. 


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