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Stepping into ‘GStar Fitness’ in her finest Kmart gear, former Betoota Heights woman Angela Murphy feels her stomach immediately drop as she surveys a group of people so genetically gifted, she could have mistaken it for a model shoot.

Oh dear god. She’s at a hot person gym.

Had Angela taken one look at the gym’s Instagram page, she might have been forewarned of the glistening, tanned bodies that stand before her. But now, as she stands at the entrance, her hand clutching an old, tattered Woolies bag full of her work gear, Angela can’t help but feel as though she’s made a big mistake.

For if Love Island were doing a casting call, this place is sure to be the perfect place to scout.

Trying not to stare at the group of breathtaking handsome men exercising shirtless for some reason, Angela meekly makes her way towards the reception desk to chat to the bubby manager who looks exactly like Samara Weaving.

More to come.


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