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A sweet summer child has this week had her views expanded after spending a Saturday night hanging out with her new crowd of friends, who could be best described as ‘open minded’, and worst described as ‘absolute deviants.”

Casey Reynolds [24] is alleged to have recently moved into a sharehouse in Betoota Heights with two blokes and a girl, who’d all been living with each other for the better part of a year. 

Luckily, Casey has since been quickly indoctrinated into the group and invited to partake in some of their weekend activities, though it has revealed she may not be as worldly as she makes herself out to be.

Her roomie Pete is said to have thrown the idea of partaking in bringing some jungle juice to the festival on the weekend, which Casey had naively thought was referring to the heavily alcoholic punch, and not amyl nitrate.

“I could get some jungle juice if you guys are keen?”,Pete had said, looking around the room to gauge interest.

“Ohh yes I love jungle juice! Should we have it at pres then?”,Casey had enthusiastically responded.

“Nah we’ll bring it with us.”

Shooting them a confused look, Casey says it’s a pretty odd thing to put in a flask.


“Why would we put it in a flask?”

“To drink it?”

Letting out an incredulous laugh, Pete asks Casey if she’s sure she isn’t from the Ponds area, if that’s what she does with it.

“What else do you do with it?”

“Why are you all laughing?”

More to come.


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