With the proposed new anti-trolling laws set to make it increasingly harder for keyword warriors to voice their thoughts without repercussion, some people have had to get a little more creative with their smear campaigns.

Rachel Hollis [27] is alleged to have been just about to send a tweet criticising a member of parliament, when news broke of legislation that would have online trolls unmasked, and liable to be sued if the content was deemed defamatory.

Though this law is reported to be about protecting the public from mean comments, there have been whispers of originating from the Endagine rumour disaster, with an anonymous Twitter account suggesting Scomo had redecorated a McDonald’s bathroom in 1997.

This oddly specific tweet is said to be a constant thorn in Scomo’s side, prompting his growing resentment towards social media and the lack of accountability for online trolls, who should at least be identifiable like him, when making up vicious lies. 

But luckily for Rachel, there are other ways you can voice your opinion, without fear of retribution – and one she’s been doing since high school.

Pulling out a sharpie from her pocket as she enters the one dismal toilet available at Rics, Rachel gets set to work scribbling some choice words for the Prime Minister, knowing full well there’s no chance of ever getting caught.

“It’s not as vicious as some of the shit I wrote in high school,” she laughed.

“But good to dust off the old sharpie, I’ve still got it.”

More to come.


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