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A late model Toyota Prius parked outside a popular local tattoo parlour has sparked a police investigation into the business as it faces allegations that it has no apparent links to a criminal bikie organisation.

SkinCity666, in Bougainville, the town’s light industrial heartland, was raided early this morning by tactical police from the West Betoota command after a tip-off from the public.

Inside the venue, no evidence of drugs, weapons and other criminal activity was discovered.

“It’s disturbing to know that an operation such as this was operating in our desert community, around young families,” said Detective Chief Inspector Morris Ponyman.

“There’s a responsibility for tattoo parlours such as SkinCity666 to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with one of the many local bikie gangs in the area and the owners of this particular parlour have let the community down on that,”

“The case is now with the Department of Public Prosecutions and they’ll lay charges as they deem fit, thank you.”

It wasn’t until local police received a warrant to surveil SkinCity that they came to discover that there was no criminal element to the business.

Shockingly, the aforementioned Toyota Prius was registered to a local small business owner, who was visiting SkinCity to have a tattoo done to celebrate the life of his’s 16-year-old Pekingese bitch that passed away earlier in the year.

“We saw the man leave with a dog tattoo on his calf, his first and only visible tattoo, and we were just sick to our stomachs. One junior detective vomited. That’s when we knew we had to act. We had to stop the madness.”

More to come.



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