Parish leader of Betoota Heights church, Father Patrick Reiley (68), has recently realised a strange change in his congregation and it’s not the fact that there is one to begin with.

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During the Sunday service at Saint Geraldine’s, Father Reiley noticed that the new worshippers had one thing in common, they were all wearing the same pair of ‘sandshoes.’ 

Following a career path wherein his footwear is hidden from public view, the priest turned to God for answers as to why the new worshippers were wearing the same shoes. God was unavailable for comment and is yet to make a public statement.

It wasn’t until the end of the service Reiley received his explanation as one of the new followers asked him why none of the hymns featured a saxophone solo or a twenty-second verse from Pusha T.

As someone who considers The Carpenters to be a bit out there, Father Reiley took some time to fully understand that US rapper Kanye West’s new gospel-inspired album is the reason these young hype beasts are in church.

“I just hope they don’t give us followers of faith a bad reputation,” stated the Catholic priest.

“Kane West [sic] is he the one who is always yelling?”

As a man who has dedicated his life trying to bring new people into his congregation, Father Reiley is satisfied that young people are showing an interest in Jesus but remains sceptical about Kanye West having an affiliation with Christianity.

“Don’t ever tell a Catholic priest there’s no such thing as bad press.”

More to come.


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