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A local mum has this week determined that her stupidly large phone case is not large enough, and has since traded it in for a phone case that’s so big, it looks like a diary.

Paired with an oversized bag that’s often filled to the brim with receipts, Tracey Munne [52] has managed to stuff all 17 cards into this new model, which includes an expired coffee loyalty card, a perfume sample and three credit cards, for some reason.

It’s unknown why mums love large phone cases, but it’s estimated that they operate on a similar level to hermit crabs, who go scavenging for a larger shell once they’ve outgrown their own. Only for mums, it’s for when they’ve accumulated more useless crap to store in the card departments.

Tracey is said to be quite happy with her new purchase but will likely outgrow within the next twelve months, which will force her to come full circle and purchase a regular purse instead.

More to come.


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