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A recently single local woman has started her week off on the wrong foot, after some late night Tinder scrolling saw her stumbling upon her ex’s profile.

Despite also being on Tinder, Renee Houston is reportedly very annoyed about discovering Matthew’s profile, stating that she couldn’t believe he ‘would move on so quickly’ and that it’s evident the past three years meant nothing to him.

To add further insult to injury, not only is Matthew wearing a shirt Renee bought him for Christmas in his leading shot, but the majority of the photos are ones that she’s taken – including selfies where it’s very evident a woman has been cropped out.

Speaking to our reporter, Renee says she finds it ‘really insulting that he made a profile so quickly’, and that she was positive he’d be ‘upset for a little while.”

“Couldn’t even manage a week!”, she said, refusing to acknowledge her own hypocrisy, “unbelievable.”

More to come.


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