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You’ve heard of bridezillas and mumzillas, but this evening in a young  engaged couple’s home a new type of monster is evolving. 

While going through their 190 strong wedding list that needs to be culled down to 170, Tom Adams began sulking about all the friends he had to cut from his wedding list. 

“Why do I have to cut my friends?” 

“Why can’t we cut those 10 cousins of yours that I’ve never met?” 

“It’s bullshit!” Said Adam. 

“Actually, it is bullshit, I am not cutting my friends, you can cut all your friends’ plus ones, they’re all milk drinking losers and I refuse to pay for them to drink a cent’s worth of alcohol” 

At this point his fiancé, Tilly, started to realise Tom was having a full on tantrum about the guest list. 

“Ok, babe, just relax we can figure out something” Tilly said trying to calm Tom. 

But it was too late, Tom had already began his transformation into the world’s first groomzilla. He was panting, sweating, spit was flying out of his mouth as he spiralled out of control. 

“This is just so unfair!” Said an almost rabid Tom before storming out of the room and going to kick a footy or something to calm down. 

Speaking with The Advocate after the incident, Tilly says she not quite sure what to make of the tantrum, but it certainly acted as a wake up call for her, saying how unbecoming it is to see a grown person behave like that. 

“I’ll think twice before I’ll be a bridezilla” 

More to come. 


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