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Local woman Sera Schott has today reached boiling point, as her best mate has sent her yet another form of media she wants a response on.

This usual daily routine can be anything from the ‘easy to respond to’ types of notifications, such as Facebook and Instagram tags, to the more time consuming – such as Tik Toks, Reels, YouTube videos, voice messages and Spotify songs. All of which can be sent in just one day alone, if her friend finds herself with a few hours to spare.

But after one particularly rigorous day, which saw her friend sending approximately 20 Tik Tok videos, several voice notes and three songs to listen to, Sera has now been forced to come up with a coping strategy to ensure she doesn’t snap.

Also known as the ‘quick scan’ and reply.

Though this strategy can’t be used for replying to voice messages, it’s highly effective when responding to either videos and songs, which Sera explains to our reporter.

“Look I’m fucking exhausted”, says Sera, “so I’ll respond to every second video or so.”

“The comments will quickly reveal what sort of appropriate emoji to send.”

“Usually a sideways crying laugh face will do the job.”

“Songs require less work.”

“Just wait out the approximate time of the song after opening the message.”

“And send some variation of ‘omg soooo good.’ 

So far, Sera has been able to get away with her deception, though she does worry it may encourage her friend to sling even more content her way.

More to come.


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