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If Lindsay Tonkin has one thing going for her, it’s that she actually thinks she looks quite good crying.

Which is a really good thing for her, seeing as she does it quite often. 

Whether it’s a rough day at work, a problem with her dating life, the endless barrage of bills or the odd days of the month where her face looks different for no reason, it seems impossible to go a week without a bit of the ol’ dribbly eye.

For today’s completely ridiculous reason to have a small sook, Lindsay has found herself struggling to find her house keys, which means she will most definitely be late for work. An issue that is entirely her fault as she always haphazardly throws them on the bed instead of putting them somewhere sensible, and undoubtedly kicks them off onto the floor each night as she flops around like a salmon on a hot foot path.

Despite her boss being super cool and likely not even noticing if she’s late by an hour, let alone ten minutes, Lindsay has already worked herself up into a tizzy.

Because (her brain says) she’s DUMB AND STUPID AND FORGETFUL AND –

Catching a glimpse of her red rimmed, glassy eyes in her bathroom mirror, Lindsay is momentarily brought out of her anguish by just how pretty they look.

“Oh wow that really brings out the green, doesn’t it.”

“Hahaha nice.”

More to come.


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