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A Betoota Heights doctor has raised some eyebrows with her unconventional methods this week, after a bemused patient reports she’d ‘tried to calm her nerves’ by pretending the vaginal speculum was a duck.

Penny Lang, 27, says she was attending the Queen St clinic for her routine cervical screening exam, when she’d remarked she was ‘a little bit nervous, stating that she’d had an unpleasant experience a few years ago.

However, rather than simply assure her, Dr. Nina Chumley had put on her best comedy chops by making the speculum appear less threatening – by moving the tongs up and down like a duck’s beak, and letting out a ‘Quack quack.’

(It should be noted that the speculum was outside of Penny when this happened).

Though a little unconventional, Penny reports that it did actually work to make her less nervous, but that she was left thinking about the scenario all day.

More to come.


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