In some breaking news from the coastal enclave of Glumbucket Heads, it appears as though the surf is absolutely pumping this afternoon.

This comes after reports of a large numbers of blokes in wetsuits running through the two carparks adjacent to Back Beach in the popular holiday town.

“Yeah, fair few BucketHead boys seemed to be in quite a hurry this afternoon,” said one leathery old local this afternoon.

“Swell must be off tap.”

While a quick check on the surf report confirmed that there is in fact a great swell this arvo, it’s believed the haste of young men post work making their way through the car park is the strongest indication that it’s a good time to be out in the waves.

One bemused holiday maker told The Advocate that they were initially fearing for their life after spotting a group of 5 surfers sprinting in their direction.

“Mate, I thought I’d done a shaka wrong or something,” he laughed.

“They came flying at me shouting things and yelling to each other.”

“But they just stampeded right past and headed off to the South Head.”

The leathery old local of few words confirmed that the break off the South Head is where it’s at.

“Yeah, you’ll see em going scurrying down the bank to jump in off the point there.”

“That’s where all the locals go.”

“I’d be careful if you are thinking about going out that way alright.”

Our reporter nodded and confirmed they would just be watching from a far.

More to come.


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