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Michael Lewisham [27] has today given his thoughts on his girlfriend Nat’s latest impulsive purchase, after hearing her sing her praise for her frank green water bottle for the third time that day.

Like many of the nation’s women and gym junkies, Nat has jumped on board with the craze and purchased herself an absolute behemoth of a bottle, that could also double as a kettlebell if she was desperate enough. 

And though this obsession is innocent enough and at least leaves her feeling hydrated, Michael has stuck to the boyfriend code and made sure to make fun of it at any given opportunity.

For today’s rip, Michael has decided to also annoy his girlfriend by throwing in a joke about his chronic weed addiction, in a two for one special.


“You know what’s better than your Frank Green bottle?

“Scott Green.”


“You get it? Who’s Scott Green?”

“Green is a nickname for weed babe.”

More to come.


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