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A bloke who’s never had single romantic bone in his body has found himself going all out with his Valentines Day plans, after realising February 14th happens to fall on the same night as the married at first sight dinner party episode.

Speaking to The Advocate, Chris Petersham, 32, says that he was originally just going to grab some flowers and box of Ferraro’s from Woolies when he realised he had the perfect opportunity to avoid trash TV.

He tells us more.

“I booked a seven course degustation dinner at The Mercutio”, says Chris, referring to one of French Quarter’s ritziest restaurants, “followed by a movie at The Red Cinema.”

“All the way on the other side of town.”

“We won’t get home until midnight”, he adds, practically kicking his feet with glee.

Our reporter doesn’t have the heart to tell him that just like taking drugs, Chris is simply borrowing his happiness from tomorrow, and will likely have to do an extra MAFS catchup session.

“I’d rather see Madame Web than watch bogans fight each other.”

“And apparently it’s really shit.”

More to come.


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