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There is a keen political observer from Betoota Ponds who also happens to love shopping. And it is this love that has seen the Ponds-based man breathe a sigh of relief after learning that the US passed a deal to suspend their debt ceiling just days before the country ran out of money.

Huey Lewis (31) told the Advocate that the deal to lift the $US31.4 trillion ($48 trillion) debt ceiling was an inspiration for him personally, especially within the context of the cost of living pressures he himself is facing.

“I’ve been living beyond my means for the better part of a decade,” the local big spender said. “So I’ve always felt a deep, economic spiritual connection with the US.”

Lewis explained that the last 12 months have been particularly unaffordable for him. Despite everything from fuel to food to electricity being shockingly more expensive than it was a year ago, he has found himself incapable of changing his outrageous spending habits. Not even one teeny tiny bit. 

“I maxed out all my credit cards a long time ago,” the heavily indebted local man laughed. “So this debt ceiling decision could not have come at a better time.”

What Lewis means by that, as he described to the Advocate, is that a few months ago he made the choice to blindly follow the US debt ceiling decision as the one and only factor in deciding on whether or not he would raise his own debt ceiling. 

“I’m only tens of thousands of dollars in debt whereas the US is trillions of dollars in debt,” the financially illiterate fool explained before making the large leap of logic to then conclude, “so if the States can raise their debt ceiling then I can too.” 

Thankfully, for the man who loves buying stuff, the US did indeed choose to raise their debt ceiling, which has allowed Lewis to do the same. And it’s a decision he has been quick to act on, with the money pit of a man already filling out four new online credit card applications as fast as his phone’s internet could load the pages.

“Soon as the money lands, gunna buy me a Tesla I reckon,” said the man who already owns a Jeep Wrangler and a Kawasaki jet ski.

“Fun times ahead!”


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