After a third straight day of drying, Betoota Lakes local Zach Simpson has finally decided to bring his washing in.

After testing his clothes moisture content by touch during the previous two days, the young man can finally confirm that they were just cold, and not in fact wet.

“Hooley dooley, it’s so friggin hard to tell if it’s actually wet, or if the garments are just cold.  Like, you touch them and they feel wet, but they aren’t they are just cold,” the engineer living in share accommodation said.

He made the call after touching three of four pieces and deciding they probably were right to bring in.

Simpson said that because it doesn’t rain much in the channel country over winter you can leave clothes out overnight for quite some time without a worry.

“I almost use it as an extra wardrobe sometimes that is until the house mates give me a spray for leaving my clothes out for ages. Gee that annoys me actually. They are always hassling me about it, ‘Oh Simo you ever gonna bring your clothes,’ like Jesus Christ I moved out of home so I wouldn’t have to be pestered about that sort of shit,” he said. 


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