An Irish expat living in Coogee Country has been condemned this morning for treating his tram carriage like it’s his personal call centre.

On route to his job in the city as a HR manager, Cork born man Sean O’Leary (32) has been accused of using the entire 40 minute commute to treat fellow passengers to a loud play-by-play of his Christmas plans.

Deep in conversation with his sister Caoimhe back home, an Irish girl who also did a two years stint in Coogee before the pandemic, it’s believed Sean’s chat mainly revolved around the cost of flights and his hope that he can surprise his ‘Mam’ a few days before Christmas.

“Yeah the flights are fooked tho, even the ones through Bankok are so fookin’ expensive like” bellowed Sean into his iPhone with his sister on speaker.

“I was tinkin’ of tryin’ to have a few days in Thailand on the way ome’, few of the lads wanna do New Years in Phuket but I don’t tink I’ve got the time.”

After discussing a detailed overview of flights and his hope to avoid any long layovers in Singapore or Dubai, Sean’s conversation merged into a general chat about how much he was loving life down under living on the shores of Little Ireland and drinking at the Irish friendly watering holes that dot the eastern suburbs coast.

“Yeah nah lovin’ it ere’ aye, ya shoulda seen the sunrise down at Coogee this morning it was well nice.”

“I was gunna ask ye’ to post over some Cheese & Onion Taytos for me birfday but they sell em’ in all the corner shops here, I’ve got sum in me bag for lunch actually, I’m a bit hungova’, I was at the Coogee Bay last night.”

“Did you use to drink there when you were here, feels just like home hey?!”


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