A once popular beauty salon in Betoota’s French Quarter has unveiled some bargain deals this week, as it looks to survive a dreary few months of bad business.

The Advocate understands that the Swedish waxing studio ‘Bäksak n’ Crax’ has this morning reached out to its database of customers, offering a lucrative 2-for-1 deal on all leg waxing appointments until Christmas.

In an interview with local business owner Oskär Vann-Andersson (33), the prominent member of Betoota’s rainbow community admitted he’s struggled to turn a dollar, as the winter chills appear to convince customers they won’t need to show off their legs until closer to December.

“September and October are usually our busiest months, as locals peel themselves off the couch and realise they’ve got to get their summer bodies beautiful for beach season.”

“But with rain falling every second day and the high likelihood that most boat parties will be cancelled, the only bookings I’ve had are from those heading to Sao Paulo for New Years.”

Pointing to a small batch of individuals lining up for oat lattes at the next door ‘Campos Cafe’, Oskär said he believes many of his usual clientele seem pretty keen to stay hidden under track pants and hoodies until the sun finally appears.

“If I don’t get any bites from this 2-for-1 deal I’ve launched, I could be bankrupt by next week,” Oskär admitted our reporter.

“Although I’ve been thinking about getting some more Dermal Clinicians on my books, looking at some of the brow lines walking about at the moment it looks like the stress of the last few years has certainly taken its toll.”

“I might source extra business if I offer some treatments to fix Zoom call frowns…”


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