Local woman and new mother, Sarah Marley (32), was left devastated after discovering that she had been unfollowed on instagram by Petra Dvořák, the Czech girl she shared a fleeting moment of camaraderie with in a London hostel back in 2014.

Sarah was taken aback when she stumbled upon Petra’s Instagram profile, only to find that she had been removed from her list of followers. 

“I couldn’t believe it,” Sarah lamented, cradling her newborn in her arms.

 “I thought we had a real connection, you know? We only hung out for 3 hours but we’d go on to follow each other for a decade, I’d seen 3 different boyfriends, new jobs and even her new cute dog, it feels like I’ve just lost a really good friend”

The pair’s encounter occurred during the tail end of Sarah’s second tour of Europe , while doing it rough in a 30 person per room hostel in London’s east end.

“Those were the days,” Sarah reminisced, with hint of longing in her voice. 

“Not a care in the world, no money and no responsibilities, just fun loving people and really really cheap liquor”

Petra’s most likely innocent decision to unfollow Sarah has left her questioning everything.

“I know it’s petty but I can’t help but help feel like I did something wrong”

Unfortunately Petra could not be reached for comment.


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