A struggling local couple have today been dealt a MAJOR inconvenience.

Cheryl and Terry Logan from our town’s leafy Betoota Grove district are dealing with the hassle that comes with having ungrateful and bad tenants.

The full time landlords have been hit with ‘the pain in the bum’ that is having to go through the process of evicting the troublemakers and finding new sets of people to pay for their lifestyle.

This follows the extremely selfish decision by the current tenants not to accept a 30% rate hike at the end of the current lease.

The stupid tenants apparently ‘can’t pay that much in rent’ to live in an ageing mouldy terrace house in the French Quarter, that only ever has maintenance done to it a few weeks after something major goes wrong.

“Some people are just unbelievable,” said Cheryl Logan, an owner of 4 investment properties across town and an empty holiday house on the Sunshine coast.

“I can’t believe these renters can’t understand that there are costs associated with the investment loans on our other properties as well as Terry and I taking a 2 month European holiday with a luxury European river cruise in the middle.”

“Honestly, some people need to wake up to the real world.”

The significant rental increase comes as leases on Cheryl and Terry’s other properties also start to wrap up, with the repayments on loans they’ve taken out to purchase more investment properties, going up sharply.

“Sorry, kids but this how the world works. Someone has to pay our mortgages, and that should be the tenants.”

“Next time someone wants to have a go at us for being greedy landlords who want to acquire huge amounts of property and live very comfortably off the back of other people working, just keep in mind how hard this job is.”

“You try and deal with real estate agents and deal with the stress of having to maybe pay for your own investments for a week or two.”

Cheryl then went into a state after the real estate agent revealed that the tenants actually want their bond back.

More to come.


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