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Sharing a plate of nachos not only helps to take the edge off hunger but it also provides the perfect avenue to conduct a mild character assessment of your peers. 

In fact, it’s arguably a fantastic meal for a first date, as it will tell you if your prospective beau is more likely to have admirable traits such as consideration and ability to share, by which nachos they choose.

Kind of like a minesweeper.

Tonight, a group of newly formed roommates have embarked on a polite standoff over a plate of shared nachos, tentatively taking turns trying to pick around the small slop of guac, cheese, sour cream and mince that precariously covers the centre of the nacho plate like the bulls eye on a dart board.

It’s alleged the people pleasing members of the group were seen slightly dipping their bare nachos into the impossible to penetrate congealed mass, whilst the more ballsy ones opted for chips grazing the outer edges of the blob.

All while secretly waiting for someone to make a move on one of the loaded up bad boys, which will be met with both judgement and relief, as it would not doubt encourage the more timid members of the group to stop being such soft cocks and load up.

More to come.


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