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Our reporter may have discovered the smartest way to end a phone call that’s ever existed.

“Sorry to cut this short but I’m just getting into a lift, do you want me to call you back after? Nup? Ok, no dramas,” said the man sitting on the bench.

Our reporters spoke to the man to see what sparked the ingenious wrap-up and whether it is an original idea.

“Mate, I’ve been using it for years” said Brett Rhylie.

“You can end any conversation whenever you want and not seem like a dickhead”

“That one you just heard? That was my grandma calling me.”

“You know how they are, always up for a chat, but sometimes you just gotta end it”

“This way no one gets hurt.”

“Anyway, feel free to use that one. Cheers for the chat but I gotta go, you caught me as I was just about to leave, there’s my bus!”

Brett quickly got up from where he was sitting and ran out the door to the bus stop, disappearing behind the bus.

But as the bus drove away, Brett was still there.

No more to come. 


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