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Though it can be harder and harder to align schedules as you bridge from early to late twenties, Betoota Heights besties, Laura Mescal [29] and Brie Tully [31] will always find time for another – having agreed that while they’re without any responsibilities, a once a week catchup is a MUST.

Despite already chatting to each other online for hours a day every day, Laura and Brie never find themselves struggling to make conversation when they do see each other.

Mostly, because they love nothing more than people watching and playing a game of ‘are they a first date or couple?’, which involves heavily scrutinising couples on a date by analysing their body language, and desperately trying to eavesdrop for any juicy clues.

For last’s nights analysis, Laura kicks off by stating that she reckons they’re on a first date, and she’s not sure there’ll be a second, by the looks of it.

“She seems kind of disengaged to me?”

“Yep yep I can see that. Like he’s leaning forward and she’s sitting back, not a good sign.”

“He’s definitely making more effort with the conversation, but the way he’s holding his knife and fork is giving me the ick.”

“Oof, yeah that’s pretty bad. How the fuck does he not know how to use cutlery properly?”

“Imagine going to a fancy restaurant. I’d die. haha”

“Oop, okay, now she’s scrolling on her phone.”

“Hmm, maybe a couple then? Or she’s just fucking rude.”

“They’ve either been together a long time, or first date.”

“Are they ordering a second bottle? Is that good or bad? I think that’s good right?”

“That’s pretty quick for a second bottle, maybe they’re just trying to power through?”

“Now they’re laughing.”

“Fuck I don’t know.”

More to come.


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