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Time appears to have slowed down for a group of friends today after yet another day of uncertainty around their recently single friend has passed.

The friends are reportedly treading on eggshells around the woman, unsure of whether or not it’s safe to start slagging her ex.

The girl group is experiencing what’s commonly known as the Breakup Cooling Off Period (BCOP), the time after a breakup where couples may or may not get back together.

While it’s a draining time for the couples involved, it’s equally as draining for the friends around them – do they start telling their friend what a piece of shit Dave was, or will it come back to bite them in the bum?

The Advocate sat down with the girl group to get a better understanding of why they’re so frustrated about the BCOP.

“We’re living a lie, that’s why!” said Jasmine.

“Dave was such a dud and treated our Mandy like shit, but we can’t say anything because they might still get back together!”

“We’re like birds trapped in a cage, we want to fly free and say whatever we want but we can’t”

It’s believed Mandy and Dave have been in the cooling off period for about two months now, and according to Wikipedia, BCOP’s can go from anywhere as little as one month to as much as one year.

It remains unclear how much longer Jasmine and her friends will have endure this BCOP.

More to come.


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