Louis Labadie, a 22-year-old French backpacker currently on a working holiday visa in Australia, is reportedly feeling confident about his job prospects, believing that he’ll have no trouble securing employment in the “more French suburbs” of Sydney.

Despite not speaking a word of English, minimal work experience back home and not having a sim card, Louis is confident that his French background will be able to get him a good job here in Australia, plus everyone back home says getting work in Australia is piss easy.

While Louis will most likely find himself on a bike making Uber Eats deliveries at midnight, he believes he’s more suited for a more niche job, like working on a boat or shucking oysters off the rocks  or whatever French people think life in Australia is like.

Louis argues that UberEats delivery is a job for those immigrants who can’t speak the local language and only socialise with people from their home country, unlike him.


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