Though he doesn’t listen to metal as much as he used to, Patrick Tyson says there’s no such thing as a ‘former’ metalhead. 

For Tyson, his love of metal started off when he first heard Metallica’s Master Of Puppets at a mate’s brothers house, which also steered him onto learning the opening riff of Enter Sandman on an electric guitar – much to the frustration of his mother, who heard it for a week straight.

Like every other youngish man, Patrick’s passion for metal reached its peak in the early 2000s, when nu metal hit the airwaves – a.k.a one of the best periods of modern music.

With late night weed sessions pondering what Fred Durst meant about taking that cookie, to learning German specifically to sing Feuer frei!, Patrick had fully integrated himself into the metal scene – including a fun period captured on his old Facebook albums, where he attempted to grow hair to his waist.

However, one band that truly captured his heart and exemplified what it felt like to be an angsty teenager, was Armenian – American heavy metal band, System Of A Down.

It’s alleged Patrick’s new life as a young professional had him going a few years without hearing the vocals of human goatee, Serj Tankian, when a string of words caused his body to act involuntarily.

With his wife, Jasmine, weary of his lazy habits, which included regularly leaving items in places other than their designated spots, it was his aptitude for losing keys that triggered the reaction.

It’s alleged Jasmine had simply queried why he kept leaving his keys up on the table, when Patrick was seen excitedly shouting that it was because ‘he wanted to.’ This was then followed by him singing in several octaves about angels deserving to die, which is reported to have been accompanied by some pretty sick air guitar.

More to come.


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