I’M BORED, ASK ME ANYTHING: the local Influencer suggested to her micro following on Instagram Stories last Friday night. 

In a creative struggle to come up with fresh and exciting content, Jenna Malvin (27) a local influencer/content creator/CEO/marketing specialist resorted to asking herself questions on her own Instagram Q&A series. 

This came as no surprise to her followers, with this being her third Q&A series this week. In a desperate attempt to think outside the box, she dove headfirst into submitting the hard hitting questions she believes have been plaguing the minds of her loyal followers: 

“What is your diet and exercise routine like?” she inquired. 

“OMG, IDK WHY I GET ASKED THIS ALL THE TIME” she dramatically exclaimed to herself in all caps, knowing that her followers haven’t been incessantly hounding her for the secret to her perfect body. 

Story viewers braced themselves for a lengthy breakdown of her morning ritual that followed.

“I start every day with a glass of apple cider vinegar, lemon tea and pilates.” 

This was followed by the burning question she knows hasn’t been on everyone’s minds: 

“Are you going to Europe this year?” 

Without 15 seconds to spare, she responded “Of course! I have a wedding in Italy in July, click the link below to shop my Europe 23 looks.”

In a world full of intellectual debates, scientific breakthroughs, and societal progress, it’s truly inspiring to witness this local influencer’s unwavering commitment to providing answers to questions nobody asked. 

Perhaps one day, Jenna will unlock the secret to solving world hunger or achieving world peace by asking herself questions about her favourite colour in the Bottega Jodie bag collection (Parakeet, obviously). 

Till then, her followers await with baited breath the groundbreaking revelations she will uncover from the depths of her own imagination. 


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