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In some breaking news out of our town’s Old City District, a local father of 3 just got that look in his eye.

The incident occurred just moments ago when Tony Gregson was in the middle of a run of the mill trip down to the shops.

Recently retired Gregson (69), was on the way down to pick up some supplies when he saw an empty perpendicular park on one of the main streets of town.

With the meandering traffic backed up behind, Gregson’s eyes lit up at the opportunity to nail a reverse park in one go, as if anyone was watching, or cared.

Throwing the head back Gregson, quickly snapped into gear and pulled off the manoeuvre he’s proudly been doing since he first had children.

“It makes it a lot easier when you’re pulling out,” explained Gregson seemingly ignoring the fact that you have to reverse in or out regardless of which one you do first.

“I’d be lying if I said I don’t take pleasure in nailing the reverse perfectly,” said the dad biologically incapable of nosing into a park.

Gregson then wandered off to make conversation with the cashier at the supermarket about some random topic as he purchased a couple of litres of milk.

An anthropological expert at Royal Betoota University told The Advocate that they have found over an extended period of time that it’s impossible for dads not to reverse into perpendicular parks.

“It’s really very similar to their inability to not contribute directional advice when Google Maps are already on the job, or speak at a normal volume on the phone anytime they are having a conversation with an old mate.”


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