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Local dad and recent pensioner Tony Hewitt has given a massive ‘F you’ to the societal constraints of email etiquette today after he chose to type out his entire email in the subject line, even though his wife strongly advised him not to.

“I’ll put my email where I bloody well please!” huffed a frustrated and clearly overwhelmed, Tony.

“But, darling, people aren’t going to be able to read the email properly if it’s all in the subject line” Tony’s wife, Dianna, tried to explain.

Despite being strongly advised against sending the email by his wife/chief technological officer Tony pressed on doing it his way.  

“Hi fellas, how are you all? Hope you’re staying well at the moment, hope the wives are driving you too mad haha. Anyway, I’m thinking about booking in a game of golf at the end of the month, either at Betoota Springs or Diamantina Greens, which one did you say was better, Davo? Let me know if you want me to include you because….” The subject line began to read.

It’s believed that Tony’s email wasn’t short either, with the subject line clocking up over 400 characters, without spaces. For reference the most common twitter post length is 33 characters, and even those prove too long for people to read at times.

Technology does seem to allude some of the older generations, but when you have people like Tony who refuse learn the basics of online communication it makes it difficult to find any sympathy for their struggle.

More to come.


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