After a week of being on his best behaviour, Betoota Heights man Ash Timbs has let it all come crumbling down.

Following his efforts to ensure he rigorously implemented correct social distancing practices at all times, the young Engineer has let it all go to waste with a risky schooner carry this arvo.

With hand sanitiser in his back pocket, his elbow cocked to press any buttons and his depth perception highly sharpened, his primal instincts have let him down.

After tapping his card at the deserted pub in the old city district during the first catch up with mates in a while, Timbs then picked up the round of schooners with his fingers and carried them to the table.

Placing them down, his friends immediately realised what he’d done.

“Haha fuck Timbs, why didn’t ya just ask for a tray,” they laughed.

“Like you normally do whenever you have to carry 4 with your little chipolata fingers.”

The roasting continued for a little while as they all made sure sanitise their hands before touching the schooners and carried on with their somewhat euphoric Friday arvo session.


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