A local concrete cowboy has saddled up for a big day on the horse.

The Finance and Corporate Affairs Analyst at a firm in Betoota’s cobbled Old City District checked everything was in order, as he does every weekday, and got up into the saddle.

With his Berocca fizzing away in his water bottle, his long black cooling off in his keep cup and his holy scripture resting on his desk, Albert Smithson said he was ready for the day ahead.

“Got my riding boots on,” he laughed, motioning to the pair of Baxters on his feet.

“Don’t worry, I’m not an RM Concrete Cowboy, these have been off road,” said the young Bachelor pointing closer to the dust particles still clinging on to the surface of his Baxters from a trip out of town a couple of weeks ago.

“They’ve actually been on a horse too, and ridden a dirt bike. Be silly to waste these good honest Aussie boots on just concrete and tar.”

Smithson then took the chance to tell The Advocate that he ‘is actually from out of town and only moved here for work.’

“Yeah, I mean I love the bush and all that, just sorta needed to be in here (Betoota) for work you know,” he said.

“Anyway, this computer’s not gonna stare at its self aimlessly for the next few hours, so I better get to it,” he said.

And with that, he took a sip from his long black, grimaced and begun opening a variety of pages and platforms in an effort to look busy.


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