After a lifetime of experimenting with a range of plant-based milks, local Account Manager Chantelle Gawn has finally found “her brew”.

Yet after years of playing in the $5 and a smidge range for her morning coffee, Chantelle is reportedly lamenting the effects of inflation, despite the fact the amount of syllables in her coffee order is also on the rise.

Stepping out of Björks Fork, a swanky new Swedish-style cafe located in the backstreets of the French Quarter, Chantelle told our reporter that the price of her morning cup was getting a little ridiculous, even if it did require the milking of various nuts.

“Ugh, seriously everything’s going up, they just charged me $7.80 for this!” huffed Chantelle.

“All I ordered was a Large Decaf Long Black, Extra Hot, with Honey and a dash of Almond foam on the side.”

“And I didn’t even ask for the sprinkle of Chai on top this morning.”

A self-confessed coffee fiend, who dropped close to $900 on a home coffee machine during the height of the pandemic, Chantelle told our reporter that she had just about had enough of paying close to $50 a week to stay caffeinated.

“Like $7.80 for a coffee is crazy, mainly because it’s a long black so there’s hardly any milk in it!”

“And secondly it’s a takeaway so they don’t have to wash anything up.”

Weighing up the option of finally taking the packaging off her Breville Barista Pro machine, Chantelle admitted to our reporter that it’s probably just easier to simplify her coffee order.

“Then again I’d have to spend $40 a week on beans and buy my own honey, which costs a fortune at the moment too.”

“Stuff it, I’ll just try take the Almond foam off my order and see if they’ll knock the price down a bit.”

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