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It can be confirmed that the woke lefties have managed to have a win in the UK after all, having managed to infiltrate the royal kingdom with their silly identity politics just days after a female Prime Minister was announced.

As news broke across the world that Queen Elizabeth II had died this morning, the UK was left with no other option but to succumb to lefty lunacy, formally announcing that the new king would be a man who identifies as a tampon.

How the mighty have fallen.

Much like Finland and their disaster of a Prime Minister who had the audacity to believe like a living, breathing human being, the UK’s recent downfall is yet another example of how quickly a country can decline after having a woman lead.

Which begs the question – where does it end?

If a man who thinks he’s a tampon can be the sovereign of a country, how far can the gavel swing? Will the next King identify as a homosexual diva cup? A free bleeding otherkin who thinks they’re a wolf? A pedophilic rock spider?

In this reporter’s opinion, the royal family is better off covering up sex scandals and throwing the women that marry into the monarchy to the wolves, rather than this progressive virtue signalling bullshit.

More to come.


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