A coastal Dad is winding back the clock this afternoon and introducing his 12-year-old son to the sounds of Australian metalcore.

Growing up on the mid-north coast of NSW during the early 2000’s, local dad Brett Gordon is one of the lucky Australians to have lived and breathed the first big wave of coastal hardcore.

Coming of age during a time before Spotify, Brett can fondly recall a time when he would come home from school to rip albums by 50 Lions and I Killed The Prom Queen onto his iPod Mini.

Now the father of two young children, it’s understood Brett has decided it’s time to undo years of Disney brainwashing, and introduce his kids to the type of music that used to inspire him to get into fights at the Byron Youth Centre.

After signing his young son Diego out of school early, Brett reportedly put two surfboards on top of his new Toyota Prado and treated his son to a sneaky surf trip, which they definitely won’t be telling Mum about.

Switching over from a Disney mega hits playlist to something a little different, Brett turned up the dial on his luxury SUV and began playing ‘Darker Still’, the new No.1 ARIA charting album by Parkway Drive.

“Hey mate, what do you reckon of this?” said Brett, pointing to the car speakers as the sounds of a cute xylophone kick off the album.

“It gets better, give it a minute.”

With the guttural screams of lead singer Winston McCall now blasting across the car’s JBL speaker system, Brett’s reportedly pretty chuffed to see his son’s eyes light up, recognising that these tunes sound nothing like the soundtrack to Moana.

“Dad, what is this?” enquires Diego.

“Mate it’s Parkway, Parkway Drive…” replies Brett smugly.

“I used to go to school with these blokes, back when I was young like you.” 

“No more Disney from now on mate, I reckon it’s time we got you a guitar.”

More to come.


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