Silly season has put on a show today as a group of Brazilian backpackers started having what was described as an absolute cracker of a BBQ in a Betoota public park.

Featuring 40 types of meat, 220 little cheesy puffs, and mountains of something called farofa, the group of 20 or so Brazilians carved out a little spot for themselves in Betoota Emu War Memorial Park and got absolutely stuck in.

Sharing a hemisphere and an appreciation for a borderline racist constellation, Australians and Brazilians have a few things in common but have very different ideas of what a BBQ is.

While BBQs for Australians usually involve sausages and backhanded comments about the correct cooking of sausages, Brazilian BBQ often features all the meat in a 5km radius, metres of blue smoke, conversations that can be heard from space, and some guy playing guitar without somehow ruining everything.

It is for this reason that everyone nearby looked on as this banging BBQ took place with envy, wishing they could be some type of cooking show host and get amongst it with a few cans of Guarana Antarctica.

“I’ve seen people have fun before but crikey, these guys really know how to get it going,” stated one onlooker who associates BBQs with trying to avoid his uncle’s racism.

“Look, they’re dancing to the fella playing guitar! They’re only making their own bloody music! Is this the olden days or something?”


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